Our story

Wordoor Technology is a global language startup company behind the Pop On platform. Wordoor Technology was founded in 2009 by a group of language enthusiasts to build technological solutions bridging the gap between people around the globe by promoting language learning, teaching, and cross-cultural communication.

Since the early days, Wordoor Technology created multiple products but our mission stayed the same.

Today, our team is an exciting mixture of global citizens from Japan, Canada, South-Korea, France, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, North-Sudan, and China. We are very diverse, but we have a lot in common. Most of us are lived in multiple countries, speaking multiple languages or at least writes code in multiple languages. We all love discovering the wonders of the world through traveling, technology, and culture.


We believe that if people understand each other better they can achieve great things that could be unthinkable alone. They can create a more just and fair world to live in. We believe that language is the most fundamental vehicle to communicate our thoughts and feelings to each other. We believe that people who speak more languages can become more open, more confident, and can communicate their thoughts and feelings better. People who speak more languages can be more effective in their jobs, strive better in their career, help nations, economies, and mankind to prosper. We believe that many great ideas are staying unheard and many dreams unfulfilled because of lack of confidence, ability to communicate, and sometimes due to language barriers. Therefore we are dedicated to empowering people to gain confidence, cultural understanding, communication and language skills to break the ice, express their thoughts, start speaking and listening to each other no matter where they are from and where they are now on our planet. We achieve this by harvesting the power of modern technology and ancient wisdom to create tools, platforms, communities, events for those who believe understanding each other better is the way to make positive changes.


Where we come from

Where we come from

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